Tuesday, October 18, 2016


OMG I've been so so busy with school that I haven't had a chance to breathe let alone write a regular post, but don't worry, I have not forgotten you!! I have a long list of things I would love to talk to you about (including Halloween and Dr. Strange) but I am really trying to focus on my studies so I can bring you cool and better stuff.

It's really strange not writing daily lately. It's been almost a year and a half where I have barely missed a day let alone a whole week, and I realized just how guilty it makes me feel. I'm not sure how many of you read my posts regularly, I'm also not sure what it is about my posts that you like. I would love some feedback if you have a few minutes (just a comment would be awesome) as to what you love to hear about and what you want more of.

Do you like hearing about Geeky News?
Do you like knowing all the New Trailers coming out?
Do you like when I link a ton of cool things?
Are you as obsessed as I am about Funko?
How do you feel about my posts of my own artwork and progress??

This week I'm going on a school trip to buy fabric for my own designed skirt (isn't that cool) and I'm still not sure which skirt design I want to make real. It's so strange learning all these industries and stuff... and I'm hoping you are willing to keep checking back with me.

So I may be a little MIA over the next little bit but I'm going to really try and kick my own but in gear to post a little more regularly again (because you are all awesome and I have a lot of fun writing this).

Please be patient with me and stick around!!!

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.