Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Crying Pocketbook (aka Cool Things I Want to Buy!)

Every now and then I need a post of all the cool things coming out. It feels like things come out in spurts and I get a stream over a few days with a ton of things I say "Oooo I need that" and then it peter's out... So here's stuff to Oogle at with me!(image: the chewns)

I could go on about a bunch of stuff but instead of boring you today I think I'm jump right into the awesome stuff that's coming out!

Yes, that was a commercial for Dr. Martin's new Ninja Turtle boots. I don't really know why but I totally love them. Honestly I may not keep the removable eye's on the boots but they are definitely very cool!  What's even more awesome about these is that they are sized for Men, Women and Kids! I love it when companies do that... it's so hard to find a good boot in size 5 Mens (don't get me started when I was searching for Hi Top Vans for women... all I can say is fail!). Check out the line at Dr. Martin's!

Coach's introducing a new line of Disney purses and clutches which are totally to die for! I have to say I'm posting a bunch of pictures because they are just amazing. This limited edition collection will also include shoes, wallets, jackets, tees and more.

They will be available online starting June 17th at Coach!

In the world of 3D wall lights we are finally getting a MLP wall light. You didn't know you were missing out did you? Well, now you don't have to! These lights will be availble in October through 3D Lighting Innovations.

So what are you going to throw your money at? I think the Disney bags may be a must... why do I always choose the more expensive items??

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.