About Me!


I have had a few blogs over the years and usually I set up (after a while) an about me where I give a general rundown of me.

I've been thinking about what I should write for this one and decided that I don't need to write my marital status, family status or anything to do with my personal life. Mostly I feel that by doing so you may be skewed on who I really am, because I am not simply a mom or a wife or a single parent or any qualification like that, I am me.

I like geeky things: Marvel, Movies, Dolls and Collectibles, I have a fascination with costumes, enjoy Photography and just generally like anything in any genre (except Horror and Gore, never really got into that). I like talking about how my life affects my Geekdom and how my Geekdom affects my life.

I follow a ton of Geeky blogs, and sites, and twitter accounts and stuff. I may reference you but if I do I always include a link to the original source where I got the information.

If I ever reference something you said, did or posted and you don't want it on my site, that's fine. You have that option. Just message me and I'll be more than willing to adjust it. On that note, this is a Personal opinion blog so please don't get all grumpy on one girl in Canada's opinion.

Other than that you can find my ramblings here or on my twitter account @Sylvanfire and even on my Facebook Page where I'm trying to post my Photo's and Costumes and Drawings as I make them. I admit sometimes I am lax on getting anything up on my Facebook page. If you want to get a hold of me privately you can always email me: sylvanfireangie@gmail.com

I figured I was due for an updated picture so here's me and my best friend as Cruela De Vil and a Dalmation (I'm the Dalmation).

Well I hope that you find my blog to be fun and positive and just plain Geeky in all formats... but I'm not limiting myself. Instead lets all try and embrace our inner geek, and let everyone have fun doing so!

Until Next Time.
Keep On, Geekin On!