Thursday, November 3, 2016

I'm Still Alive: A Surviving College List.

Midterms are finally over.... yay! I'm proud to say I'm doing fairly well in my courses and have had very little sleep over the past few weeks. Of course my family was hit with a bug right when I was getting a ton of stuff done. So today, cause I haven't been around for a while, I thought I'd make a top 5 about surviving school. (image: Geezlouise)

I've been really liking Top 5's lately... so here we go!

1) Sleep Is NOT for the Weak!

I don't know how often I hear in the hallways, from friends or collegues that "sleep is for the weak"... and I so Cringe at this. You need sleep. Whether you are dealing with kids, school, work or just day to day life... get your sleep. If this means doing it in spurts (Yay Naps) or just resting for a while in a library or cafeteria with your head on the desk and turning off your brain, then do it. You can not function for a long time without it... you'll think you are functioning but when the downtime finally comes all that stress, anxiety and exhaustion will find you and you will be sick! So just go to bed!

2) You Don't Need 100% To Succeed in Life!

This is something I keep reminding students in my classes and people I meet. When you graduate no one cares about your grades! They really don't. The person with a 70% average has just as good a chance at making is a go in life as the person with a 95%, Do your best, get shit done, and pass at least enough to get to your next semester. You want to pass... and if your best is 95% that's amazing... but there's a really good chance that at least one of your classes will not be that high, so don't worry. Learn and retain what you learn, allow yourself to work at the pace you need to for your classes and then be happy with you accomplishments.

3) In Real Life you can use your Resources!

One of the things I always hated (and still hate) in school is that testing removes your resources and makes you memorize stuff. In real life, if you don't know the answer, you can always look it up. Now this is not saying that you shouldn't try and retain what you learn. This will give you a step up for learning new stuff, but it's okay if you forget things. Take the skill of researching that you will learn and really master it. No matter what you do or where you would you will be researching stuff, so figure out how you work best and go with it.

4) Learn from Group Work!

Most people (including myself) complain about group work. You are always worried that you won't be able to control the other members so you don't know if they will pull their weight. Well, you should realize that this happens! In the work force you will have to work with a group of people that you probably didn't hire so who knows if everyone will get along. The difference is that EVERYONE wants to make money so they are willing to put up with each other or learn to like each other's strengths so that they can complete the goals and get a paycheck. You don't need to be best buds with your group but you do need to learn how to work with other people!

5) Don't give up your Hobbies!

You need downtime. You need, even an hour, at least once a week, to stop and not think about school or work or family or anything that is demanding something from you. Take the time... go look at your favourite Funko's in the store. Dream about the things you will do when you are successful. Think about where you want to be when you graduate. Go to kickboxing to let out daily frustration and aggression. Sit on your couch with a bag of chips and dip and watch your favourite movie for the 100th time. Take a Shower! It doesn't matter what it is, but whatever you feel makes you YOU and makes you feel like a person again is good. We aren't going to school or work just to be molded into other people, You need to learn to keep yourself through this process and work with the two parts of you, because when you are done they will both be still part of you as one whole.

I hope this helps anyone out there trying to manage so much!

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.