Tuesday, June 14, 2016

We Are Groot!!

Today I didn't know what I should post. With all the horrible things that seem to happen in the world part of me feels like I need to acknowledge them... and part of me wants to give the world (or you if you are reading this) some small glimmer of light in all the dark. From someone who has gone through some darker moments I have to admit that a glimmer of light is sometimes helpful, but today I am going the other way.

This post is to acknowledge all those people I love... those I know and those I never met... who are beautiful, wonderful, beings no matter who or what you are!! If you are reading this, you are one of those people I love. Yes! I love you! I care! I am an ally in the biggest sense. I may be married with two kids but please don't hold that against me... the LGTBQ+ community is one filled with wonderfully accepting people and I love being able to be apart of them no matter what my designation... even as a straight woman.

I will scream from the rafters for you in my true geek form... WE ARE GROOT!!

Until Next Time.