Friday, June 9, 2017

Away We Go! (Also Known as Starting Things is Hard!)

So I am currently working on a few costumes for myself for Fan Expo (above you can see my Sith/Jedi versions of Power Puff girls). I am playing with foam armour building, sewing (of course) and a few other techniques to get things going.

As usual my struggle has always been with balancing life, money and family commitments. Being I'm done school for the year and taking a year off with family commitments before I decide if I want to return the following year, I've decided to jump head first into trying to work for myself.

This is not an easy thing! With my husband asking me to work in the evening (after being home with one or two of my kids all day, figuring out day activities, keeping the house going and everything) I am feeling really stressed for getting this really going.

Test Sewing
So I am going Sew-Crazy LOL. I have a bunch of random materials in the house and I think I'm going to start making things. You can't see stuff unless you make things!

I am also opening up availability for 2 more commissions for items due for Fan Expo. If you need something built or make or designed (I do initial illustrations and technical drawings as well, if you just need the design and have someone else who wants to sew it). Please Email  or send me a message on my Facebook or on my Etsy!!

Planning for Wasp
I will be adding new items to my Etsy over the next few weeks so please keep your eye's peeled!!!

Until next time!
Keep on, Geekin' on.
Sylvanfire Angie