Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Midweek Mayham: Cute Harley and Friends!

It's Wednesday already... who would have thunk it. It seems sometimes the weeks just fly by. So I thought we'd do a bunch of fun and cute stuff to get you through the day!

Now, you all know I'm a collector of things. Mainly dolls and funko lately but I just love figures in general. I'm really not specific being I have quite a few things from quite a few lines that grace my shelves. I also have a habit of switching things up (yes I keep the boxes so I can store them again... unless they come to a sad demise called a puppy or kids).

I just found a new (at least to me) line that I think I may need to follow almost as much as I follow Funko and that's saying a lot!

Nendoroid (a product line featured by the Good Smile Company) has to be one of the cutest competitors to Funko I've seen in a while. They carry Chibi like characters that are more expressive (also a higher price point) than Funko but are equally as cute! I think my budget is really going to hate me for discovering them.

Nendoroid/Good Smile Company
What's really cool is she's fully articulated and has three different faceplates so you can pose her in a large variety of styles. You can also get a Suicide Squad version of the Joker as well.

Nendoroid/ Good Smile Company
The Joker comes with three faceplates, is fully articulated and an optional razor and electroshock tool. Being I'm obviously out of touch for this whole company I decided to look into some of their other pieces and of course a favourite is Deadpool!

Nendoroid/ Good Smile Company
He's so cute I could die!!!

To add to the cuteness overload I thought I'd check out one of my favourite styles of dolls and that's Pullip. I love love love Pullip dolls. I currently have one and have been seriously considering making her a new outfit (she's in a Victoria Garb which doesn't suite my shelves as much anymore).

Pullip Style
What's really cool is they had an exclusive San Diego Comic Con Pullip of Harley Quinn and one of Wonder Woman. You can actually buy these. Yes they are a lot more money than either Funko or Nendoroid but aren't they adorable!! What I love about Pullip is they are full balljoint dolls, so they can be fully posed on your shelves, they also often have adjustable eyes that move and blink (with buttons so you can take pics of them with their eye's half closed).

Pullip has a strong base in Anime (I know, a shocker there) and they put out a new doll each month! July's doll was actually Sailor Moon!

Pullip Style
I think they are all so pretty and I love the detail work from the hair to the costumes. What's even cooler is the dolls actually look like this when you buy them... no false adverstizing here!!

Have you found a cute doll or figureine that I haven't included?? Please share in the Comments!

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.