Thursday, September 22, 2016

Amazing Toys Not For Your Kids

Lately on Thursday's I've been doing Funko collections but I thought I'd change things up today. I love toys (as most of you know) but I have to admit there are some lines that are just so amazing they can no longer be called toys... usually called "collectibles" or "figurines". So here's some fancy toys! (I'm on a puppy image kick this week)

Let's start with a BANG! You have to love Square Enix's slightly twisted Batman/Joker mix.
Square Enix
There's something wrong and oh so write about this mashup. I love the little details and he even comes with another face and a variety of accessories. If you were hoping to get this for Christmas, however, you will be disappointed. Not scheduled for drop until March 2017, this lovely evil character will cost you $199.99 US.

We all know you have a geek crush on Doctor Strange... or at least on Benedict Cumberbatch (I hope I spelled that right). Well, now you can own your own Dr. Benedict!

Hot Toys
This Hot Toys collectible (fancy toy) can be pre-ordered on Sideshow Toys for the low everyday price of $234.99 US. It's a regular steal! (the sarcasm is thick with me today) I admit I am highly impressed with just how well done he is. There are so many toys that look nothing like the celebrity but this is so not that one. Again you can't get this till 2017 (so next years Christmas present).

So what do you think??
Would you spend $200+ on a collectible toy?

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.