Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Figuring Things Out

Hey everybody!! I've been missing you... it's been so crazy with school and everything that I haven't had the time to look at the computer let alone post anything. *pout* (image: Behance by Julian Duba)

Today (one of my days off) I spent finding my house (because seriously it was insane... the mountain of laundry almost ate my dog) and trying to get a new (to me) laptop set up. So with a new laptop you need new themes for your Chrome (or at least I do) and a new wallpaper! This is always my hardest part for setting up a computer.

Why is this so hard??

I think it's that whole self expression and who you are thing. I want a theme or a background that is something I love so every-time I log on I'm like "that's awesome". I also want something that isn't too obscure (because it's hard to find nice wallpapers and the more obscure the harder they are to find), yet isn't necessarily in your face. I'm not big on Movie posters, mostly because they have the big writing on them....

Here's what I went with...

 For my Chrome Theme I picked a simple BB8

Chrome Download
For my background it totally took me forever (to the point that I lost track of time and totally was late getting my kid off the bus, thank the gods for awesome neighbors!). I thought of X-Men but I couldn't find one I loved, then I thought of something more generally Marvel related and still nothing jumped out at me. Then I thought I should do something more Anime related but I totally love the style and anime but don't have a lot that I watch. So I was stumped.... till I decided on this...

Yes, that's Harlock the Space Pirate. I am still bound and determined to do this as a cosplay! As my sewing skills get better with school it seems a greater possibility! So exciting.

So what are your backgrounds and themes? I would love if you shared or linked them in the comments!

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.