Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A lot of AWESOME!!!

Okay, so it's Wednesday and I've been sick and crazy with school all week. But I thought we should look at a lot of AWESOME.... why? Because if you are anything like me and already getting stressed then you totally need an Awesome Break!

So to start off our day of Awesome here's a Heavy Metal Version of "Everything is Awesome" and it's AWESOME!!!!!

If that wasn't awesome enough Bioworld has revealed their amazingly awesome (yes you are going to get totally sick of the word awesome by the end of this post... awesome) 'Rogue One' Star Wars bags and accessories. There are a few bags, purses and even a cool (I'm switching it up) hat that I don't doubt will be really popular. My favourite is the mini rebel backpack.
Movie and TV Store
Come on... who doesn't think this is awesome!

Next for something totally insane I found on Fashionably Geek (cause I love those gals) "Underground T-REX Fight Club!!!"

Okay so it's not that underground being it was an event at Burning Man (seriously there are a ton of people there) but it's totally hillarious!!! I would go to T-Rex fight club. But the first rule of T-Rex Fight Club? I have no clue!! What do you think the first rule would be??

On another note here is an amazing movie poster by Hero Complex that I totally need on my wall!
Hero Complex
Oh Ramona Flowers... how I need you for my wall! I love this in SO MANY WAYS!! I think I may need to let my hair grow in now that I can dye it and become a living embodiment of Ramona Flowers. Sigh! (you can find a bunch of other cool ones on their site)

So what have you found that's AWESOME this week??

Stay Awesome.
Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.