Monday, August 29, 2016

What I'm Watching (AKA Stranger Things is Creepy as AF)

So I've been looking for a new show to watch on Netflix/Cable being we are between seasons still and I've now caught up on the shows I've been generally watching.

I finally finished watching the Legend of Korra and I totally loved it. I still say that Aang and the original gang have a major soft spot in my heart and I found that Korra was more adult in someways, but at the same time is was just as good in completely different ways.

Being we haven't gotten to the new season of Lucifer (I swear this is one of the reasons I keep cable) and Once Upon a Time... and even the house shows I watch regularly are in re-runs... I figured it was time to puruse the NetFlix and see what I could find. Here are some recommendations that were given to me and I have tried.

Brooklynn Nine-Nine


Okay this one is hillarious. I thought I wouldn't like it but my husband convinced me to watch it and I'm now almost done the whole series (at least what's on Netflix). It's silly and funny but just on this side of stupid. I have never been one for straight out stupid humour (I can't handle Dumb and Dumber at all) but I love a good comedy. This one is great and I will probably add it to my re-watch list because I could watch a few of the episodes again no problem.

Stranger Things

Ali Kellner Fan Art

So, with a whole bunch of friend and online friend recommendations I have attempted to watch this show. I admit straight out I'm not good with Creepy or Scary... especially in the evening... and this one hits a great big creep factor for me! I am now about to start episode 3 and have put some rules into place... no watching it alone (my husband will be forced to watch it with me), no watching it in the dark (seriously... bad idea), and no watching it right before bed. Once those rules are all met I'll be fine to continue watching it. It may be my afternoon show that I watch during quiet time while I'm drawing or doing school work so that I can pay attention without really paying attention. I know that once I get past the creepy stuff I will enjoy it (like I do with Supernatural and Dr. Who) but it's to get me there. So for now I'll watch it in slow chunks... picking away at it.

White Collar

This show, at the moment, has now become my go-to show. It's awesome!! I'm almost done season one and I can't get enough of it. The main characters (Neil and Peter) are so well matched that you can't help but love them. I do have a soft spot for anything that's a mystery type show... and I also like cop shows where convicts help them (may be while I love "Catch Me If You Can" so much)... so this hits off so many likes for me it's ridiculous. I'm really surprised I didn't start watching it sooner, but we all are late to the game sometimes.

I would really like to know what you are watching?? Is the show family friendly or an after bedtime kind of show??

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.