Thursday, August 18, 2016

My Internet's BACK!! So I'm Back!!

Yay!!! Internet's back so I can actually write a post... oh how I missed you all!! In celebration of modern technology working properly I thought I'd find some cool things for your to look at. (image: AeRoSol)

Okay, so I feel like I totally fell off the face of the planet this week... it's been way too long (almost a WHOLE WEEK) since I posted but sometimes things come as blessings. With the removal of posting everyday and the reduction of internet use in my house we all seem to be a little bit happier. I think we needed to have an internet vacation for sanity sake...

So now I'm rejuvinated and rareing to go... and also starting to gear up for school. But before I do a what I need that's geeky for my first day of school kind of posts (seriously it's too early in my mind) I thought we'd just have some fun and cool things to get back in the groove of things kind of post instead.

To start I found this AMAZING version of Can't help falling in love with you by my newest favourite band (Twenty One Pilots)...

It's just so so good. I have loved their newest album and I'm totally planning on buying all their stuff! If you like them you'll probably also like this amazing little girl who seems to be influenced by them. Her name is Grace Van Der Waal... I love her (and she's adorable)

Okay so this is totally turning into a You Tube post... I guess it shows how much prep I do for some of these posts... mainly none! It's all from the heart baby!

Here's another amazing video... it's 1000people performing Rebel Rebel by David Bowie!

Well, if these three videos don't get you inspired to go out and do something nothing will!!

Flowing with inspiration I managed to get two new sketches started! I'm hoping to have them coloured in the next day or two (also I will have 2 cards ready for friday's post!!).

A photo posted by Angie Willerton (@sylvanfire) on

A photo posted by Angie Willerton (@sylvanfire) on

You should find my Instagram... that's where I'll be posting all my art and sewing progress (also some awesome Drag photos too).

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.