Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Making GoGo: Adjusting a Jacket for Cosplay!

This weekend is Fan Expo YAYAYAYAYAYAYA... and I am actually going on Sunday. Being I am going with my Best Friend we decided that a Group Cosplay was in order, so we chose Big Hero 6!!

Of course I get to be Gogo Tomago so I needed to get my cosplay in order (I have totally been procrastinating until this week) luckily I have most of the costume already. If you aren't sure what Gogo looks like here's a picture!

Okay so I owned purple tights, I also own a pair of black tights that have pre-cut holes down the leg to go over top. The white tanktop is a staple in my wardrobe and black bike shorts (my shorts don't currently have a red stripe but I think red electrical tape will work).

The issue I had was the jacket... here's a picture (don't mind the quality it was late and the lighting was horrible when I was sewing this)...

So you can see the jacket is long and a bit on the bulky side. I've had this jacket for years (long enough that the faux whatever it's supposed to be is almost starting to stick together and rip) and I haven't worn it in a while. I decided (because I like to get semi accurate at times) to adjust the jacket to suit my needs.

Here's a pic of me having the jacket pinned so I can adjust the lines, from the sleave length to the waist length to even the front lapel.

Here's me getting it all pinned so that it still looks half decent even though I'm doing a quick job. The main rules I think about on a quick cosplay is that it doesn't have to last forever and you don't want threads hanging.

It took me a bit of adjusting (and cursing at my sewing machine) because the materials and my machine weren't friends. Once I got it all together though I'm actually pretty happy with it. Here's a quick pic I took of the whole thing together for a test run before Sunday... (and yes I'm standing on my bathtub).

Not too bad all in all! Just need to do the makeup and add a little extra purple to my hair. I haven't decided on gloves (being I don't currently have any and I'm cheap).

Have you done any last minute Cosplay's?? I'd love to see pics if you want to share! (tag me in on Twitter if you post any @sylvanfire)

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on .