Thursday, September 1, 2016

Geeky Plushies

It's been a long week! With the time to gear up for school happening we all need something cute and cuddly to hug after we spent way too much money on books that we will only use for one semester.

In all honesty I'm a little frustrated. I was going over my class list for next week and realized I didn't get one of the books I need for my first class. I guess they just didn't have any in stock or something... so I'm going to go to the class and see if we need it. If we do I'll buy it on Tuesday. But with that little frustration I almost decided not to write today... but I am.

Why am I writing... well I'm reading #Girlboss and I have to admit I'm taking the advice to heart. I will not succeed at making this a home career if I'm lazy and put off tomorrow what I'm quite capable to do today. Yay for learning to be a better adult than the student I was in University.

So I found this on Nerd Approved...

Isn't he adorable. I thought we all could use a hug or a cuddle with the stresses of school about to start... and what better thing to cuddle than this adorable Jayne Bear? For all you firefly fans I know this is totally needed (heck I need it!)... what's even cooler is this!

Yes from the same company you can get an adorable Kaylee Bear as well!!

If Firefly isn't your thing here's some more cute and cuddly for you Pokemon Fans.
Yup Build-a-Bear has isn't own stuffed Eevee set now that you can make. There is an exclusive version online but I have to say either version is awfully adorable!!

So I hope you all have a wonderful snuggly Thursday with whatever Geeky Plush you love.

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.