Wednesday, August 10, 2016


We have all been there and I seem to be there again (it seems like a yearly and sometime monthly battle). Where you may ask... figureing out the direction I want to take. (image: Picture Quotes)

Sometimes not all choices are good or bad choices, they are just choices and lately I feel like I've been needing to make one about where I want to write for and what I want to do with my writing.

To start off this has nothing to do with this site, mostly cause I just write what I want and hope you enjoy it, but it does in the way I've felt lately I haven't been giving you my best stuff. In all honesty I feel like I haven't been giving anyone my best.

I've been overstressed and burnt out the past few weeks and I can really tell from the reactions and relations I have on line and the quality of work I'm producing. I know it's bad when I haven't even checked my Etsy site in a month nor have I added anything onto it even though I have a few new completed works. The most I've been doing with my drawing is one every 2 to 3 weeks and I'm realizing I'm suffering because of it.

What is the breaking point?

Well, I started writing for a third party site (if you follow my Facebook or Twitter you'll see them posted there) but the problem is I didn't realize how much of a word porn site it is. It's not about producing good work it's about producing high numbers about trending stuff (thing I don't really follow or care about). So I'm feeling like I'm totally failing at this... which really frustrates me because I'm not sure if I should keep at it (being it pays so that's nice) or if I should just say screw it all and go from there.

In all honesty I have a hard time with the whole "trending" stuff. Mainly because if it's not crap like "The Biebs shows his pythons" then it's "Trump says something inappropriate again". Both things grab a large amount of Americans so that's where they target... but I'm Canadian and couldn't care less. I've started writing about what actually interests me... Nintendo releases and other video game news... stuff with a Geeky Spin (being that's what I know a lot about). I think the biggest issue is what's "trending" doesn't come up on ANY of my feeds because I NEVER look at that stuff.

So for now I may try it for a week or two more and see what happens.... but if I still fall WAY short of their numbers then I may just call it there before school starts.

On a positive note next week starts Iggle Camp (yay virtual camp with cool geek people) and I'm very excited about it.

If you have any advice please feel free to share... or if you are an Iggle send me a message with your twitter so I can follow you!!


Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.
Angie (aka Camper Maleficent)

PS: Sorry about not having up anything yesterday... it was a total mental health day for me!