Monday, August 8, 2016

A Week of Movies: Suicide Squad and Star Trek


This past week I went to see 2 movies in theaters, Suicide Squad last night, and Star Trek Beyond, and I have to admit I've been spoiled. (No spoilers so you don't need to worry). (image: Paramount)

So first off I will comment on Star Trek Beyond.

Like a good little geek I went to see Star Trek with my Dad. It was totally awesome. I'm seriously wondering how many Jaylah's we'll be seeing at conventions in the future. I have to admit she totally has Star Wars asthetics (all you trekkies can grump at me now).

I totally grew up with Star Trek, and as I got older I watched Star Wars but it really wasn't until the lastest installments that I really got hooked onto Star Wars. My Dad and I both really enjoyed Star Trek, it really reminded me of returning a little to the original asthetics.

I always love a movie that they are back to being Space Cowboys. There is no one around and they have to figure out their own shit. Each castmember is really capable on their own and can handle themselves, which is what a military organization should have. Other than that I tell you NOTHING... go see it... the graphics totally make the movie and the interplay between the characters made you want to watch it again.

For Suicide Squad.

Atlas Entertainment/ DC

My husband and I went last night to see this... and my opinion was that it was awesome, his was that it was okay (we had reverse opinions of BVS which is funny).

I really liked it. I don't care what people say (and I have heard a lot of whining about characterization and "male gaze" stuff)... I liked it. I may even do a cosplay of one of them. (I would really like to cosplay a Cross-Play of Diablo, because seriously, the makeup!!)

I was surprised that Will Smith was as prominent a character as he was. I didn't realise from the commercials that he was actually a major lead in the film, but I like Will Smith so that's okay.

Harley was AWESOME. Her insanity and sanity were well portrayed and I loved her interactions with the Joker. The major complaint I hear elsewhere is the glorifying of an abusive (totally messed up) relationship. All I have to say to that is... have you ever followed anything about Harley and the Joker... their relationship is F%$K'D so seriously people what do you expect. They act like a messed up Romeo and Juliet (which to me is the WORST reference for romantic relations... really the whole play is over a few hours... that's IT!) so that's saying a lot, they are not to be glorified, they are to be watched and you are supposed to think they are messed! No one ever states in the film that you should have a relationship like Harley and Joker... so why do people always read SO MUCH into things.

Ok end rant.

All in all I really enjoyed both movies. My advice.... never go into a movie expecting the best because you only set yourself up for disappointment. Go into a movie expecting the worst and then you'll be pleasantly surprised!

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.