Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Wee Free Man... Movie Adaptation!

I love love love love love Terry Pratchett! I don't know about all of you but I have to say he is definitely top 5 for me. So yesterday's announcement is just freaking awesome! (image: Deviant artist nicolsche)

If you don't know (or are behind on reading the long list of Pratchett books) Wee Free Men is the first book about Tiffany Aching. This is a book of Adventure and common sense. She was wielding a frying pan long before Rapunzel did in Tangled... and also hanging out with Burley men (although her's were only six-inches high and blue). Heck, there really is a lot of similarities between the two... really makes me wonder if someone on the Disney crew was a Pratchett lover first.

Anywho, within the announcement the Jim Henson Company.... yes let that sink in a bit (seriously two of my favourite people)... and Narrativia (a company launched in 2012 by Sir Terry Pratchett to control his works... very very smart!) will be filming an adaptation that will be penned by Rhianna Pratchett (Sir Terry's daughter).

Deviant Art

Okay... so enough with an official press announcement let's geek out a bit. I SO want to see who they are going to get to play Tiffany. In my opinion they need someone lesser or unknown because I don't want their previous works to influence this one. Instead with a lesser or unknown actress she'd be able to really get to know the character... heck wouldn't it be awesome if they got someone that actually loves Discworld!!!

Now, what I'm really really interested to see it the Nac Mac Feegles. With working with Jim Henson Company it could go one of two ways. CG (which I highly doubt) or puppets. I'm kinda hoping for puppets but I also wouldn't be surprised if they did live people that they CG's small... either way it could definitely be interesting.

There is so much possibility for the Discworld series and I think this is a much better place to start than with the Rincewind books (which are honestly my least favourite books). What I hope for is a good DEATH! My favourite character in the whole series is Death. There's just something amazing and adorabe and scary about him... he's scarycute!

So what are you most excited for? Tiffany? The Nac Mac Feegles? Some other Discworld character that may appear in time??

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