Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Pokemon A Go Go!

 So I did it... I downloaded Pokemon Go for me and my kids! (image: Pokemon/Niantic)

I have to be honest, I wasn't sure if I wanted to install Pokemon Go onto my phone or not. Instead I was being slightly resistant to the whole idea and all I have to say is Sorry Poke-world... it's awesome!

As most of you know I have two little girls... and OMG are they ever excited. We went for two long walks today (this usually requires a lot of bribing or dealing with them whining) with them being ready in less time than it took to put the dogs away. They also are extremely excited to go to Pokestops and fight over who gets to catch the Pokemon.

In one day we managed to catch 34 Pokemon and get to almost level 5 (an accomplishment I'm more proud of than I thought I would be).

Here are a few things I learned and seriously feel is an issue.

1) No real Tutorial.... 

This is my biggest issue. I seriously didn't figure out about spinning the signs at Pokestops until a friend of mine came over and showed me. So if you don't know this... go to Pokestops and spin the damn thing by swiping left to right. Now that I know this it's so much better.


2) It's easy enough that my girls can capture things.

Being my kids are really really excited about this I let them try to catch Pokemon that we already have a few of. Both of them have figured out (with a few tries) how to throw a ball at the Pokemon. This is awesome because it means I can give them my phone when we are in a store or something (like when I want to buy something for myself) and they can play it without me checking ever 5 minutes.

3) Ignore the haters!

I should put this at the top... but those saying to just play outside with your kids just don't get it. I play with my kids. We go to the park a lot. We play outside a lot. But like all Mom's getting the kids out the door can be difficult sometimes. Now I say "If you get ready we can see if there are any Pokemon there..." and they get ready 10x faster! Seriously, how is this a bad thing??

4) Don't be an idiot!

Seriously... don't! It is still the real world out there with cars and potholes and animals and stuff. Don't be dumb... don't blame a stupid game when you walk into a wall and break your nose.... don't blame a game if you are playing while driving (seriously people!!). This is a GAME. It's for enjoyment.... so enjoy it and be SAFE!


5) Have fun!!

Enjoy the game for what it is. Don't let it become an Obsession... but have fun with it. This is a great way to meet people, and just get out and have fun. Heck, I'm seriously thinking of getting a Fitbit just to see how many KM I walk in a day.... this may help my fitness routine.

So the major question all people will ask.... what team are you on?? I haven't decided yet but we are torn between Red and Blue with our friends being divided almost equally.... so if you are on a team... why??

Until next Pokemon Go Battle!
Keep on, Geekin' on.