Thursday, July 28, 2016

POP! Thursday and stuff!

Wow! So after talking about getting on Track I totally failed to post anything yesterday... sigh! Today I thought I would do a Pop! Thursday!

Yay! Pop! Thursday! (okay so I was totally walking around singing that today).

Today's post is a little delayed because I decided I should upgrade my computer to Window's 10 and it took way longer than I planned. It's all good and updated now with no issues found so YAY! Now I'm going to download a bunch of Apps onto my computer and play with them... well, no but I thought it sounded good!

Before I get to the POP! figures I wanted to whine with my other geeks... who else didn't go to SDCC last weekend? Well, if you are anything like me you've now been catching up on all the awesome stuff that was posted and the crazy number of trailers that came out. You may have also noticed that Netflix is now officially NOT doing Agent Carter because of legal stuff... so you can cry with me! The problem with watching things on Conventions is it makes me really want to go to them but I just can't afford it this summer... sigh! Maybe I'll be able to find funds for one day at Fan Expo... here's hoping!

Coming in August are some awesome Dr. Who Pop! Television characters. I personally love the 10th Doctor so I had to post this one. They also have a 12th doctor with a guitar which I thought was fun!

Coming in September will be a whole collection of Gears of War characters! I love the oversized armour and general bad a%&ery they have!

If you ever wondered how they went about creating a POP! Figure you should totally check out this Funko Blog post about their creation of iZombie's Liv!

They are also brining a collection of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children POP! This is so cool and seriously I'm very excited for the Movie.
I have to admit I love the looks of Miss Peregrine, but they are all awesome!

So what are you more excited for... Pop Figure, Movies or Conventions over the next few months? Are you going to any conventions?? If so I'd love to hear about them!

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.