Tuesday, July 26, 2016

On Track!

I got my new schedule so that has totally boosted me to getting my but back in gear for life!

Monday started off with my youngest getting a low fever. All I could think of was "seriously life? In the summer!" but what can you do. This started a day of doing a lot of nothing. With the littlest one sick and the oldest in a lazy mood we chose to keep our day low key with a PJ and TV day (I have been really trying to limit TV during the day... yesterday all rules for that went out the window).

I love TV days sometimes. Yes it usually means that my kids stay up later than I want them to, because they just aren't that tired, but other than that it's really fun to veg out, watch movies and play video games.

What was great that this meant I had a down day before picking things back up again. Today may not be that busy either but I have a ton of paperwork for childcare and other things that I have been avoiding so it may be paperwork day (yay... so much fun... *heavy heavy sarcasm*). Even though I've been avoiding it today I got my schedule so that made school seem so much more real, and it was also the only thing I was waiting for inorder to complete all my applications for stuff.


I'm very excited about my course load! If you didn't know I went to University many moons ago and was used to that scheduling system. I have to admit I like College's way much better. Instead of assuming the students somehow miraculously know what they need and making them fight lions inorder to get into the courses they want... College gives you your schedule.

They say... here! We want you to be a well rounded graduate that can actually work in the real world as soon as you get done here. So instead of making you guess and hope that you can get into your courses we are just going to hand you the schedule with the things you need and maybe once in a while you'll get to choose the odd thing.

To me this is wonderful because you can be fully immersed in the field you want to be in. This also gives you all the tools you need and a better understanding of you teachers and the industry in the end. So a great big YAY!

Today I go to get my stuff on track! I need to get paperwork completed and submitted. My budgeting completed and fine tuned, and pretty much all the stuff I need to do to prep for school done before it starts.

If you are going to school in September what are the big things you are trying to get accomplished before you start??

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.