Tuesday, June 21, 2016


 Okay, it's time for what is stereotypically viewed as every girls obsession... SHOES. Except I'm going to show you shoes I would like for Cosplaying, because we all need an excuse to buy them! (image: found on quotesgram.com)
I am not one of those women with a million shoes. I do have a fair amount but the bulk of them are dressy shoes that I had to buy for one event or another and so I don't wear them often. I tend to stick to two pairs of runners, and now a pair of sandals, for day to day wear.

Last year I did a Captain America roller derby cosplay and it turned out great! Now there are always things that you want to tweek and the shoes were my main area of contention. I totally wanted a pair of blue Hi Top Vans but every retailer I found didn't have Hi-Tops in the colour or style I was looking for that fit women. Seriously I love the look of the "mens" hi-tops. The ones that are supposed to be designed for women are just not the same... and anyways they didn't have a single pair of hi-tops in any womens sizes at any of the retailers I went too.

These were the shoes I wanted.Sk8-Hi Slim in Navy and White... sigh... I still really want them.

Well, now Vans has released a new line of Hi Tops...


Seriously! How awesome would these be with a Captain America Cosplay!! I think I'm going to have to save my pennies for them.

When I did my Evil Snow White (I'm still adjusting it) I really really really wanted these shoes. But as budgets take effect instead I went with high socks and little black shoes I already owned.
Good Goth
I admit I'm in love with these shoes and can think of a dozen things to do with them... heck they'd work for Steam Punk, Alice in Wonderland, pretty much anything that has a period feel to it! Sigh... one day they will be mine!

Another pair of shoes that I found on the Good Goth site that I feel needs to be added into my collection at somepoint are these cute little shoes!

Good Goth
I love them... I honestly love all babydoll style shoes and these are no different. The fact that they are black and white just makes them that much better... Queen of Hearts or Alice anyone?? Or seriously I could totally see them on a Burton-esque character! There are also a few Anime's that I could think of variations to use these!

Now the thing with Cosplay (or any costuming) that you'll notice is a lot of times if you are trying to do a variation of a character there is no way you will find the right boots at the right time. (You usually find the boots about one month after you wore the costume) So you may have to make your own Cosplay bootcovers that look like the boots you are trying to mimic! Here's a little tutorial I found on Deviant Art by Cita-La-Star!
Deviant Art: Cita-la-star
Have you made your own shoes or boots for a costume?? Did you buy new shoes or boots that are to die for?? I'd love to hear about it in the comments.

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.