Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Cosplay Ideas: WOW Armour

Oh my Gorgon, it totally feels like every month I need to revisit my Cosplay dreams... and in doing so add a whole bunch of things. Even though I haven't gotten any of them done. This month... we are looking at the Costumes that require Armour!! (image:

I will be the first to admit that I am not good at MMORPG's. It's not that I am not good at playing them it's that I'm not good at the multiplayer aspect of them. I have played WOW, and Guild Wars 2 and both of them started out great but after a time I totally am a loner and realize I hate partying and all I really want to do is see all the stories without dealing with the real people. So instead of playing it directly I just watch or listen to my husband or our friends play them. The one thing about all of them (WOW, Guild Wars, LOL, etc) that I do love is the costuming!

Now, with all costuming I always worry about dressing as someone I know little about. It's funny, when I talk to the boys that I know that Cosplay they never seem to have that concern... but there are a lot of Girls that I know that feel the same way. If I'm going to be a recongnizable character I really want to know about her (or him) but if not then I feel I need to at least know the game. I'm greatful in some ways that I do know WOW, Guild Wars and a little of LOL... then I don't feel quite so bad.

Being I'm not trying to be recognizable WOW character I figure I can pretty much pick any armour that would be player armour and try my best as recreating or adjusting it to my needs. So I figured I needed a list of things to look for...

My Top 5 Things for Amour!

1) No spinny things! 

There are a few amazingly cool armour sets that have spinning globes on their shoulders or moving pieces! Well, I'm not that adept in electronics (yet) so I need to avoid them at all cost!!

2) No glowy things!

If it's something that I can take a prefab light with batteries and put it in then fine but this thing called fiberoptics hasn't joined my repertoire yet. Also see the no spinny things rule!

3) I am a human! (or at least human-esque)

I am not a Tauren or an Orc... so I need to find the picture that scales the armour appropriately (ish). It's okay if it's oversized, but I still need to walk to some extent in it!

4) Naked is not Armour!

There was once a comic strip in a Dragon magazine about female armour and the fact that it has less visible armour yet a higher armour class. Well, kudos to those Women that feel comfortable in bathing suits but I seriously want full (er) body armour. A little form fitting is fine but you won't find my in just undies.

5) No Pink!

Okay, so I know this one's a little silly but seriously, just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I need anything in my wardrobe to be pink! This holds true to my armour... it needs to be something other than pink!

Here's a few I've been looking at (and no this is not a definite list) from WOW... (I apologize, I was looking for these over the past few weeks and I don't have the links to credit the original poster!)

I know these are all skirted but I'm still looking at some of the other classes that have pants (seriously what's with all the dresses). I also may make a variation of one of them with pants! I really like the armour in the first pic and the helms in the last one... so many cool things!

Have you done WOW armour?? What type did you like best??

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.