Monday, June 20, 2016

A whole lot of stuff!

It was Father's Day this weekend and I have to say we had a wonderful time! I also found some wonderful stuff that I totally had to share with you! (image: Kikicomin)
Father's Day is a wonderful time to celebrate those that are amazing Dad's... whether by blood or by choice... and that was no different than for us! With minimal budget for father's day my daughter's made wonderful little cards for my husband and then we did the piece de resistance...

Yes I spent the time with a spoon making Father's Day pancakes!! Seriously, between that, swimming and my first attempt at homemade chili I think it turned out great.

On a completely different note... I did some minor updating to the site! If you look at the top I have a fancy new line that has a fancy new tab called Art and Things I Sell! This tab will have pictures of my art and things I sell (wow, that was difficult)... so check it out! I also have some new buttons to follow me on G+ and to my Etsy (Please like my Etsy!! Add me to your favourites!!). I am seriously considering buy a domain name.... and no longer being a sgeeky.blogspot website... but I haven't decided for sure! When I do I'll definitely let you all know.

Aside from all that on searching the wonders of the internet I found a new (to me) makeup product that I need to buy!!

The first is by Mehron... this is a theater face and body paint! The picture is of their details line but I seriously want it all. When looking into it (and watching the live facebook by Emma Rubini) I've had a couple of Cosplayers who do major makeup recommend it. Being I'm in love with the look of Pop Art makeup I feel the need to get some major makeup upgrade I think this will be my best bet. Regular day makeup just doesn't seem to cut it for stage and cosplay!

If you seen the cute little header at the top I found it off of  Kikicomin! You should totally check out her stuff, she has free printables for more than just father's day!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!
Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.