Tuesday, June 7, 2016

School is Expensive (A Ramble and Life Update)

So today I am warning you... I'm totally venting! Money is a thing that I wish would come easily and freely (as a friend of mine taught me to say with daily intentions) but it seems to be much more difficult than that.

Okay, don't get me wrong. This isn't a vent of how horrible my life it... how down trodden I am... or how negative it can all be. Instead of that it's a post about my frustrating research as an adult returning college student who is trying to figure out all her funds for all the things she needs before September and sometime having an external sounding board (whether virtually or physical) is great. I understand and doubt I'll get many responses but I have to say I always love feedback (as long as your aren't being obnoxious or rude, which my usual commenters never are).

So it starts with this idea of going back to school... I have talked about my frustration and indecision of returning to school. The inner battle between what is preceived to be a "Carreer" and what is preceived to be NOT. How I've managed to break my inner dialogue of whether I'm worthy of starting my own business with the simple statement of "why the hell not" and my anxieties of putting myself first when I have a family with 2 kids and 2 dogs and a loving husband who tells me that it's fine.

Well, today I decided to start tackling the scary thing of financing for school.... yes this big, heavy, daunting thing called tuition. Now to admit, between the little that I have and my husband that actual tuition isn't really the issue... it's this scary cost called DAYCARE! OMG... I understand the need for the price, the ideas of having a good living wage and that the providers deserve it... but seriously $1000+ a month for one child just kills me. It seriously scared the bajesus out of me.

I'll admit... I am really anti-OSAP. In my time of need (when I had two little kids, my mom living with me and my husband who wasn't working) they failed to pull out a payment then wouldn't let me apply for any kind of relief, expecting me to pay the full amount when I was barely paying my mortgage and groceries, even though it was their error! So after that I said an FU to the National Student Loan center (in my mind... I'm a bit of a chicken shit when it comes to real life for that... I don't really want to say that so some random person who is just doing their job) and have vowed not to use them again.

Well, after the bank said they don't want to give me a loan because I'm not working full time (seriously!) ... I try and call OSAP. Yes, with a heavy heart I give into the deamon and call them to see what is needed to apply for assistance in September. I seriously think the gods were trying to help me because for some reason my password on line wasn't working, then when I called by phone (3 times over 6 hours) I kept getting a message that they are experiencing technical difficulties and to call back at a later time. So OSAP is back on the back burner (hopefully).

This means I need to get creative and think of funds...
1) I have an appointment to see if I can get subsidy for childcare... fingers toes and eyes are crossed that they can lower it enough to make it feasible.
2) Scholarships and Bursaries....

Well, 2 isn't going so well. I applied for the ONLY entrance bursary I could find at the school I'll be attending (fingers crossed) and hopefully something awesome will come of it. Then I went on to external sites... seriously I am a female over 30 who is returning to the work force... and there is nothing. Bupkiss! Nada! Zilch! That I could find in Canada. 99% of the scholarships and bursaries want a Highschool GPA (I graduated highschool in 2000... I have no clue)... if you have a University GPA they  want that too (I graduated in 2005, still no clue). I am NOT ELIGIBLE for most of the scholarships and bursaries being I am not under 25 and come to College straight out of highschool. I am NOT ELIGIBLE for most being I'm going into an Arts Program and not a Science.

Now seriously... people obviously have NO CLUE how expensive Arts are. They state that on adverage the tuition is less... but the difference is that Science (other than text books) have minimal supplies. Holy crap are art supplies costly. I have a Studio Degree... in Photography... and it was all manual (no digital)... I spent a TON on supplies. Fashion Design is no different!

But I digress... So I am on number 3...
3) Working, and outside funding.
I can not go to a regular 9 to 5 job (2 kids in daycare in the summer would mean I'd spend more than I get). I am still working on my ETSY (or you can PM me on Facebook if you want something!) and I'm actually working on a purse pattern (you'll be the first to know when it's done). I am also looking into Freelance writing (I am lucky that I have a friend who has now offered to mentor me... yay), which I've been at a loss as to how to start and hopefully will get it going soon.

The one thing that someone suggested of me was to try a Go Fund Me.... but I don't know if that's a good idea. Anyone have any experience with it?? I almost feel bad asking for money with nothing to return to people. I'm not sure if this is something I want to do. I would love feedback if anyone has experience with it.

For now I'm going to work hard at the working from home stuff! And thank you for listening to my vent!

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.