Monday, June 6, 2016

Quick Cosplay: Dalmatian!

I managed to put together a Cosplay in 3 HOURS!!! I'm very excited that I was also able to sew a dress for the first time with NO Pattern!!
This weekend a friend invited me to a Disney Themed party... it was at her dance studio (so I always feel it still needs to look good-ish) and then we were going to see an awesome Drag Show. So what does my mind do?? I panic (like any good cosplayer) about what I can wear that will be recognizable, cost me little to no money, and still be comfortable to wear while dancing and watching a show.


So my best friend decided to be Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmatians so of course (as a typical cosplayer) I decided I needed to be a Dalmatian. So the hunt started!

As a good little aging Gunk (Gothy Punk) I searched high and low and realized that I have NO white clothing (other than one dress shirt for work). So I thought maybe I should be a different character... but after searching (yet again) high and low and in all the random bins of clothes I have, I realized that my wardrobe mainly consists of horizontal stripped shirts, comic t-shirts. Epic Sigh.

Plan two... dig through every fabric bin I have and see what I can find to make something Disney-eque out of. I found a nice sized piece of white fabric (YAY), and I had just bought a small section of white fabric and small section of black fabric. This means that the morning of the party I pull out my sewing machine (and pinterest) to make my first dress without a pattern. I used Oh Oh Blog's lovely dress pattern as a guideline to cut my fabric but I had to make some adjustments due to needing to line the fabric and to make it fit properly. I added in ties to the one side for fit (and because I was silly and made a mistake) then glue gun'd the spots.... all in all I was quite pleased with the results.

(Don't mind the picture, had to cut out others due to my failure to ask permission prior to writing this). 

So what do you think?? Not bad for a 3 hour Dalmatian costume?? And it still was sharp enough to wear out afterwards.

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.