Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Converse Update

Converse gives their ALL STARS the first update in a century. I know that this is totally something worth sharing all on it's own. (image: Converse)

Today's post is small and late (life gets in the way when you don't really want it to) but I think it's totally something that needed sharing all on it's own. Because seriously what skater kid doesn't love Converse??

Well, Converse All Stars are getting an awesome update called the new "Converse All Stars Modern". This new look is available in Hi and Ox and..
"offer circular knit uppers, Nike Hyperfuse, contoured full-length Phylon outsoles and neoprene tongues and linings. Bryan Cioffi, vice president/creative director of Converse Global Footwear describes the colletion as “a comfortable, lightweight product that’s new, exciting and modern, but still feels very Converse.”" Fashionably Geek
In all honesty I just love the look and the names of the colours... Action Red, Lucid Green and Soar Blue! They remind me of Pokemon colours... let's play Action Red today... but I digress. Actually I don't... I'm going to stay on the video game theme and say that the colouring (especially in the pictures) reminds me of pixelated images... so the are PIXEL SHOES!! What good little geek doesn't want pixelated hi tops??

These are available on Converse as of June 16!

What do you think? I think they'd be great for a Cosplay accessory (or just day to day)!

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.