Monday, June 27, 2016


Organize all the things with some of these cool things I found on Pinterest! Really, I should totally do the same in my house.
This past weekend was busy busy with a whole wack of organizing! We moved rooms around, kids got their own rooms and the offices have now taken over the basement.What does that mean for you lovely people who come here for geeky things?? Well, not much really. It means that all my stuff is everywhere so it's going to take a few days to figure out where it all goes and how to organize it. It also means you get posts like this, where I spend way too much time on pinterest oogling other people craft and fabric areas for organization ideas.

That being said here are some things I've been thinking of adding:

I love the look of how clean and organized this pegboard is. I really wonder if I made it if it's stay that organized or become a jumbled mess like a lot of my bins turn into!

 Have I ever told you how much I love Chalkboard paint... and now you can get it in a large variety of colours! This is an amazing idea especially for an office or craft space where you are sewing to sell. Scheduling your time is never a waste... and heck, any reason to use chalkboard paint is a good one!

This was a smart idea I saw for embroidery floss but I thought even for the ends of a scane of yarn would work too.Mind you I have a big bag of Embroidery floss that could use some detangling!

This has to be one of my favourite ideas that I found yet! I even have an old baby crib that I was thinking of turning into a couch outside... so I could totally use the other end to hang fabric on! I'm always looking for a better way to store my fabric (right at the moment it's in a big plastic bin that I need to dig through)!

 Another idea I loved from the same article is this ribbon dispenser... seriously, who thinks of these! I don't know about you but these are dollar store items that I may already have.

So what are some organizing tricks you use??

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.