Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Cosplay and Makeup

I've been trying to figure out some fun makeup looks lately and going off of my favourite site (Pinterest) I've found some wozzers... so here's a collection of Cosplays and Makeup looks that I totally want to try (I just need to figure HOW).

Have you seen this amazing thing called Glow in the Dark Makeup!! Heck, on the strange and amazing Makeup topic, I love Body Paint!! Okay, I know I totally won't do full nude body paint but there are some who create amazing looks with just a little in the right places...

Here's one of the cool images of the Glow in the dark body paint. Okay I'm not really sure if it's glow in the dark or black light with the colour that her hair ended up... I'm thinking it's more UV/Black light paint, but that's still cool! This series totally looks like she's part of a Galaxy! You can check out the whole collection on Behance titled Neon Dreams.

Going on the whole theme of Black Light makeup... check out this amazing one I found on Pinterest.
John Poppleton
This just make me totally go Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.... wouldn't it be amazing to do a Drag performance and at near the end turn on black lights and have something like this be visible??? I don't know to what or how to go about doing it but seriously it's beautiful!

I can't remember if I posted it or not... be even if I did so what. When I think of awesome makeup lately I think of Emma Rubini's Tank Girl...
Emma Rubini
I just love it! What's even cooler is if you go to her facebook she has video's explaining her process and makeup test and everything! So much awesome.

On a different but not really note, I've been looking up a lot of amour and costuming make of Cardboard. Seriously I so want to make armour but there's just no way I can afford to get worbla or anything like that... and a heat gun... and find the space for it... any time soon. But what I do have a lot of it carboard. I have little kids and the youngest is still mostly in diapers so I get a new box at least once a month. I was trying to share a pic of an awesome Iron Man costume made of Carboard but it's not working ... so check it out here on Pinterest!

I'm also hoping to make a helmet similar to this!
I also found it on Pinterest, but isn't it pretty!!!

Have you done fun different makeup or carboard armour?? Any tips... what products did you use??

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.