Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Wickedly Wednesday!

So much going on lately I feel like I'm totally loosing myself in all the awesome (and stress that comes with the awesome). For today... we are just going to take in the AWESOME... because, why not! (I felt like I needed to go back to my Wednesday Addams for my Wicked Wednesday, because seriously who doesn't need a little more of Ms. Addams in their life!)

As you have probably all seen there is a new trailer for Disney's Live version of Beauty and The Beast.... if you haven't here it is it:

So what do you think? Did you like it... yes I know there is very little to the trailer other than a very pretty house really but it's still looking awesome. I'm really hopeful for this, I think Disney's been doing a rather decent job at the whole live action thing lately so here's hoping.

Okay so I'm not really one to post other people cosplay unless I can take the picture myself but if you haven't seen it yet you are in desperate need to see the amazin Tank Girl cosplay done by Emma Rubini!

OMG it's so amazing... I don't know how she did the hair but I'm going to stare at this for hours and hours and hours trying to figure it all out (Okay she responded to someone on Facebook and it's Craft Foam... I need to try this)! The Makeup is to die for and it truely looks like she came straight out of a Comic Book. This kind of Costume Art just makes me so so so happy! (She has a video on the hair... sorry I'm checking out her facebook while I write this... here's the link!)

On a different train of through Fashionably Geek posted some awesome new clothing by Merchoid inspired by Harley Quinn and I have totally fallen in love with one of the pieces.
Seriously this skirt is to die for!! I have an OBSESSION with everything to do with suspenders (I'd wear them everyday if I could... but they really don't work with everything) and the fact that it's a SKIRT WITH SUSPENDERS... just totally makes my day. I may have to dig out some of the skirts I have (or make some) and add suspenders to them, just because. So much of my mind it blown by this.

Well, I hope you are all doing wonderful. I have 2 new prints (of playing card art) up at Etsy. Hopefully I'll get to card making and colouring my other two images tomorrow!! Once they are coloured they'll be up too!!... I did scan one and may play with digitally colouring it as well... we'll see what happens lol.

The scan actually didn't turn out too bad so far I think! Now to figure out how to make the feathers look like metal (yes I want metal feathers)... so much learning is needing to be done!

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.