Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Costuming: Robot

So I've decided the next Drag Costume I want to make is a Robot... Why?? Because seriously hasn't all good girl wanted to be a Robot at least once in her life?

Now I'm not sure what kind of Robot I really want to be... the best part is at the moment I already have a gun metal silver dress that I can wear (It just needs some adjusting being it hasn't fit me in a few years... damn kids). On top of that I have a skirt that I plan on spraying Silver... here's a pic!

See it's newsprint! But it's gone all yellow now (being it's been hung on my wall for quite some time) so I think if I spray it Silver it'll look metal-ish. The main thing to always remember when costume building is that your ideas may change a few times before the finished product. So I'm going to get spray paint and test some newspaper... if it gets mushy or looses shape then I might not do it.

I really think I might try and channel my inner Nebula. There's something awesome about a bald robot chick... wouldn't it be cool to do a bald cap?? I'd need to paint it to suite the costume (well makeup paint).
I've always had a fascination with the whole strong yet beautiful, and bald definitely does that! I think it would be awesome to be a robot like character that was still powerful and pretty. (Heck, I would love to just do a straight Nebula costume)

If you are wondering what song would suite a beautiful strong Robot like woman I'm really thinking of Lorde's Yellow Flicker Beat.
I love this song and feel that it would suit being it's a bit odd and haunting while still being a strong message. I love things that are a little off!

Now it's just to get the costume done... and then the choreography finalized for the costume... then a show date... then you can all watch the video LOL!

Oh, I was telling you yesterday about getting some sketches started... here they are! I'll have them coloured soon(still trying to decide how I want to colour them).

What do you think?? The pics were done with my phone... the final product will be scanned of course! I'm going with the theme Fashionably Fantasy.

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.