Thursday, May 26, 2016

Pop! Thursday

OMG It's been weeks since I've done a Pop! Thursday... seriously what's wrong with me. Well if you have been going through Funko withdrawl then fear no more... here's a bunch to get you through the last 2 days of the week!

Okay so because I'm so far behind I'm obviously not going to talk about EVERYTHING they've put out recently... instead I'm going to pick my favourites (as usual) and then you can check out the rest through the links!

To start off they've just released that the Dark Crystal Pop! are coming out in July...
I have to say that this series has some of the most unique POP figures I've seen! The scuplting on them is amazing!! You should totally check out the whole line but I had to post this Aughra because seriously... look at the level of detail on it. I've seen a lot of Funko but this one is quite spectacular.(really they all are... go check them out... now!)

Just in time for the BFG movie... we are getting a BFG Pop! He's so adorable I really really want him for my collection. This figure is due to release in June... just in time for the Movie release in July. If you haven't seen the trailer here it is!

Honestly my kids are way too young for it, but I may go on my own... because why not!

Okay I have to admit that one of my top POP! wants at the moment is Ramona Flowers!! I love Scott Pilgrim Vs The World (I seriously need to get the comics because I've watched the movie a million and one times). Right now they are releasing a Ramona, a Scott and a Knives Chow... I hope in time they release the 7 Evil Exes, because I need them all! These are coming out in June... just in time for... well, nothing. Just in time for me to get them because I want them and have no money for them so I'll buy them to make me happy... pout.

Funko is also releasing over the next few months a series of Imposters. I love this Scarecrow Imposter. There's a Harley one that's just as awesome but there's something extra awesome with the stitching and everything! 

Well, I hope you had fun with the Funko today... which are your favourite? Did you check out the others on the site?? Did I miss something you just need to have in your collection?

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.