Thursday, May 12, 2016

Hot Topic's : Alice Through The Looking Glass

So originally I was planning for a Funko Thursday this week then this awesomeness came up in my feed and I needed to share! Yay Hot Topic and all the clothes I will continue to own in my dreams!  (image: Hot Topic)

To start off I'll admit I love everything to do with Alice in Wonderland. If I was pale and blond I'd totally dress as Alice everyday... instead I tend to go more towards Alice McGee. (here's a pic if you don't know who that is)
Okay, maybe I don't go around in a blue dress with an apron, cover in symbols, full of other creatures blood.... but you get the idea. She's much more like me that the true version of Alice. 

So in my Alice love the fact that there is a whole new Hot Topic line releasing at the end of the month with an Alice through the Looking Glass theme I think I almost died. Oh to have a ton of money (or someone that wants to give me the clothes... seriously, I'd take them and tell the world how awesome you are... no?? Poop!)! Until then you can drool over them with me... come join my sorrow!

Hot Topic
 I love this vest... heck I love the whole outfit. This is amazing. I really have no idea where I could wear it but it NEEEEDS to be in my closet. I'll wear it to do grocery shopping even... seriously.

Hot Topic
 As a piece of Men's Wardrobe... the Mad Hatter jacket is beautiful. I've been thinking of getting a Men's Jacket lately (I really want a whole suit... but it needs to have flare) and this is so nice! I wonder if I'd need to do any alterations inorder to have it fit me right. 

Hot Topic
The whole series comes in standard and plus sizes (I didn't post the plus size pictures this time because I didn't find them as uberly artistic as the ones I did post!) which, as usual, is just AWESOME. 

What's terrible with seeing all these clothes is I don't just want the dress, or jacket, or vest... I want EVERYTHING!! The shoes and hair and that amazing hat! Well for now go and check all the rest of the line!! They are just awesome... Hot Topic!  (you can tell how much I like it by the number of exclamation marks in this one paragraph alone... I think I have an Exclamation Mark problem.)

So which are your favourite of the line???

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on