Thursday, May 5, 2016

Etsy or die! Starting a Business.

So I've decided to jump in head, feet and maybe full body first into getting this imaginary business I have been hoping to start off the ground. I decided that if I'm going to do it, I might as well try! (image: My New Cover for the Etsy Site!)
My issue with getting is going over the past 6 months is the stupid voices in my head telling me that my stuff isn't good enough. Every time I get an idea I do the stupid thing of looking at other people's stuff and think "mine isn't as clean, fresh, well put together, etc etc etc...". I keep telling myself that I'm not up to par as other people are... and I'm realizing that that's not true. I'm good at what I do and I know that there are always going to be people that are better than me. So why compare! Instead I should use them as inspiration because if they can do it... why can't I. I am going to change my head to that. Instead of the thought of "well someone's already doing it"... to "there is no reason I can't do it too!".

What am I going to do... I'm going to sell my stuff (as a broad general term). I am opening an Etsy account and I will have things on here (I am planning on opening a page in this site to show my stuff).


Prints! I will be selling prints of my weekly cards as well as those of my geeky art. I am hoping to have a few new things up as well but that's going to be the start. They won't be too expensive but you will have to pay shipping. I'm figuring 5x7 and 8x10 prints to start with. Because they are easy and cheaper to ship. I'll be scanning all my cards so they are perfect and beautiful!

Originals! I will be taking commissions for original work! You like my playing cards? Well you can have one of your own! Let me know the size you want, and your favourite thing or two, and I'll make you your very own art card. Cost depends on the size and subject matter. I also do portraits in chalk and pencil (Haven't posted any of those on here... I probably should) so if you have a picture of a loved one (or favourite celebrity or fictional character) that you want done shoot me a line!

Photo editing! I figured I will put up a few pictures (mainly of flowers) that I have taken... but I do do photo editing. You have a picture you want edited... does it look dull and flat... or are you wanting to remove something from the background... I can do it! I do all my editing in Photoshop and am willing to do yours as well!! Again costs can be pretty low but it all depends on what you want done.

Children Bags for Dolls! I have started making backpacks for my girls that can hold an American Girl (or Journey Girl or whatever you have... one of them puts her puppies in it) on the outside while still being able to use the backpack for other things. These will be approximately $30 to $40 for the cost of materials and time. I am currently working on one as an example and will post a pic as soon as I'm done. Let me know you child's favourite colours, characters, or things (I can find superhero material, flowers, trucks, you name it!) and I can make them their very own backpack! I make them with drawstrings and buttons so they aren't too hard to open for even the littlest kid.

So what do you think? This is to start with but I think it's quite a bit! If there is anything you want already or if you want to ask me anything please email me:

I actually got myself an Etsy site as well! SylvanfireDesigns ... At the moment I don't have almost anything on it and I put it together really really quick last night just to get it started and feel like I've done something! So stop by and follow me for all my things that will be going up over the next week or two.

Thank you for putting up with me starting this! Don't worry, we will go back to fairly regular geeky posts as usual tomorrow but for now I'd appreciate any feedback!

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.