Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Reading a Book: Attempt #2

A few weeks back I wrote a post about how hard I found it to read a book... and that was during Nap Time. Well I've tried again...  (image: book village)
If you want to read the first post check it out here!

So I got this cool book that looks really great from the Novel Tea Club the other month called "Immortal Muse" and it totally looks to have all the things I love is a book. A bit of alternate Historical, some fantasy and some art squished into an action adventure. What isn't to love about that?

I gear myself up... I'm going to go to bed early-ish tonight and try and read for an hour. I figure an hour should give me at least a chapter or two. The book doesn't seem to be written in too hard of a language (no LOTR or Dune here) and seems to draw you in right away.

So I get ready... I start by getting comfy. The bra comes off and the pj's go on. I brush my teeth (because seriously once I'm in bed I don't want to go anywhere other than to check on my kids) and get comfy in my bed. I have the light on, the phone off, and a miniature dacshund at my feet.

Then a kid cries...

I jump out of the bed... go down the hall and check on the girls. Of course the youngest managed to turn herself completely sideways in her bed and have a full diaper (seriously I have never seen someone pee as much as this kid). I adjust her... change her bum and get her a half a bottle of milk and put her back to sleep.

I lay down in my bed and a turn to the acknowledgements. I actually manage to read the whole acknowledgements (it's only one page) and pat myself on the back.

I hear a noise... I wait for a few minutes to see if anyone cries... no one cries I turn to the first chapter.

This time I'm getting excited! I read 2 whole pages about the main character... there is no noises coming from down the hallway... no dog's whining... I read 2 more pages.

I start to get more comfortable in my bed... it's nice and warm and quiet and the book is starting to get good.

I make it to page 10! I'm seriously jumping up and down in my head shouting "I did it! I am managing to read a book".

The quiet is nice and calming... the book is nice an calming...

There's a slight noise from down the hallway! I Stop!.... I wait a minute... there's a second noise.

I go and check... the oldest needed to use the washroom (seriously this loft bed thing is a good and bad idea all at once). I help her out of her bed and get her back to bed.

I lay down in my nice warm comfy bed... the quiet surrounds me... I pick up my book and start reading....

My husband comes to bed and turns the light out. I have fallen asleep on my book. I think I made it to page 15 but I don't remember the last 2 pages when I re-read them.

So maybe reading as bedtime isn't the answer either... I'll have to think of something else.

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.