Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Powerpuff, Beetlejuice, DC... Clothes to die for!

So it's about that time again... let's all oooo and awww at the amazing clothing by some designers of geeky stuff. Of course Hot Topic will be on the list again because they keep coming out with stuff that I want and need in my closet... but there's also one Etsy artist here too! (image: Hot Topic)

Let's start off with Hot Topic. This month is the introduction of the new Powerpuff Girls and that's so exciting. I was a huge fan of Powerpuff Girls in highschool and I totally wanted to be Buttercup. I guess everyone has their favourite and Buttercup was totally mine. So in relation to this Hot Top decided to create a Powerpuff line and it's totally awesome!

Not only are they doing a set of seperates (I really love her tights too!)... they are also doing dresses related directly to the characters. Of course with my love of Buttercup I've added that one to the list but you can see the rest on the Buzzfeed article as well.

I really think they did a great job. There's a giveaway that you can sign up for on the Hot Topic site for the entire collection and they will notify you when the items become available. So don't forget to go and SIGN UP!

I've been following a fashion designer on Etsy through their facebook account for a while. Partially because she uses a lot of the Steamgirls for her models and partially cause I love all her stuff. Her name on Etsy and Facebook is the Patched Jester and she is quite amazing in what she does. Her recent outfit available for order is a stripped Beetlejuice dress.

Patched Jester Creations.
Isn't it lovely!! My little goth heart be still, I have a total obsession with ANYTHING black and white stripes, and this is no exception. I love the way it's longer in the back than the front and the stripping is beautiful!! Honestly even her prices aren't bad with it being only $95+shipping Canadian. You should totally go check out her stuff, I need most of it (or all of it) in my closet.

 Hot Topic strikes again with a collection based on the DC Comics Bombshells! If you haven't see the comic then you should totally check them out. The comics are beautifully done and lots of fun as well.

Hot Topic: found on Fashionably Geek
I love all of these styles... really I need to have the Harley jacket!! As I've stated I've never been a huge DC fan but I tend to love all the women (I find the guys are a little flat in comparison) and these four outfits would be so much fun for Everyday Cosplay... or even just casual hanging out it. There's nothing like being in costume as an everyday thing. Check out the whole line on Hot Topic!

So what do you think? Is there any piece you need to add to your wardrobe?

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.