Friday, April 15, 2016

Playing Card Art Journal: Week 15

We made it to week 15... weeeee... I'm so excited that I'm actually managing to do this. There's something rather good feeling each week as I get through another card. This week... we use Chalk.

When I was younger I used to use a lot of chalk. It really became my thing in highschool. I loved doing mixed medium but I definitely focused a lot on chalk. I would do portraits and pictures of cherubs and you name it... I figured out a way to blend it with chalk. So recently I've been trying to get back into actually doing more phyiscal art on my card.

Do not get me wrong. I love love love doing collage work, but every now and then you need something that is completely yours... with no found art involved.

So I pulled out my pastel pencils (they give me a little better definition for the small cards) and then a card. I started one image and it totally didn't work for me so I actually ripped the paper that I had glued onto the card and found new paper and everything (there's nothing like ripping something up when you are getting frustrated)... and it totally worked.

So what do you think?

It's a little simpler than my other pictures (I liked the addition of the word fly in pen to it) ... for some reason in the picture the black pen looks choppy but then again you have to remember they are playing cards so the size is 6cm by 9cm... so a little over 2 inches by almost 3.... so in the actual physical product it's much darker.

Well, I think I'm going to have to pull out more mediums for future cards.

Oh I sent all the winner's their cards and once I get confirmation of receipt I will be posting a picture of the final cards they got. Their cards were a slightly larger size being I used note card paper.

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.