Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Geeky News is Cool!

Today lets talke about some of the cool new that just came out. Not real news... geeky news... because seriously real news is just depressing and makes us feel helpless (which isn't good for anyong), geeky news allows us to break bariers and feel joy which I believe helps out the world energy a lot more. (Okay I just went a little airy fairy there LOL) (image: Networth)

To start off I've very excited to read about Nathan Fillion being on (or is it in) the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. I love the first movie and I seriously think he would be a great addition to the action/humour that is the cast of GOTG2. Today they release some set photos... I won't post them here because it's a bit of a spoiler... but if you want to find out who he is in the movie then check out the link to Geek and Sundry! I so can't wait for this movie to come out... it's going to be so awesome!

In other news if you are heading to NYC anytime soon there's a new bar/restaurant opening that's going to be totally Tim Burton theme'd... from the names of the drinks to the the food (Edward Burger Hands... seriously!). This may be something I will have to add to the want to go to list! Named Beetle House this establishment is having a preview week starting April 27th... check out That's Nerdalicious for more info.

The Doctor is getting a new companion named Bill (played by Pearl Mackie) who looks to be questioning everything. It's rather nice that we are getting a companion that doesn't really understand the world of the Doctor yet and will ask the questions like "what is a Dalek and why are they dangerous". This may be a fresh face to counter Capaldi... I may just have to catch up on watching this now (I am really really really far behind... bad geeky.. bad!). Erie thing though... Mackie's Prince shirt is not a tribute... this was filmed 2 weeks ago and is told to be "Just a very weird coincidence" by Edward Russell. Check out Nerd Approved for the clip.

So there's a few tidbits to get your geek on... are there are Geeky News I missed?? What's your favourite of the bunch??

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.