Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Lucifer Season Finale

Okay so I haven't been doing reviews for TV shows (mainly because I tend to PVR everything) but I actually managed to watch Lucifer's season finale this week one time... and OMG I just needed to talk about it. (Warning... a really high chance of spoilers if you haven't watched it yet). (image: Fox)

Of all the new shows that started this January Lucifer is by far my absolutely favourite (sorry Magicians, you are good but not that good). He's totally awesome and seriously I just love the whole cast they got. There isn't anything negative I can say about it!!

So the season finale, of course, did not disappoint. Lucifer being framed (ish) for murder and crazy Satanists aside... it was awesome. I have to admit I was a little annoyed that they decided to stereotype the whole Satanist thing to being ubergoths... but what can you do. I guess there's enough of them out there for a stereotype. Even though most goths/punk/metal heads I know are anything but Satanistic (it's really surprising how many of them are actually Pagan... and very attuned to nature). Other than that one annoyance the whole episode was great.

I loved the craziness of Malcolm (cause seriously who wouldn't go crazy after returning from hell) but really my favourite part was Lucifer and Amenadiel actually working together! Seriously the scene in Linda's office totally made me snarff!! It was awesome and I love that they just state they are brothers and no one questions it (at least verbally).


In the end I loved the whole Amenadiel and Maz thing (seriously we need more of this next season) and I'm totally still waiting to find out why Chloe affect Lucifer in the way she does. My fan theory is that she's Nephilim or something similar (if you aren't sure what that is it's half Angel and half Human... so who's her Daddy!). I wonder if she has a similar effect on Amenadiel as she does on Lucifer but that's something that we can't get into until next season.

So the ending.... who is Lucifer's Mom?? Am I the only one thinking Lilith?? She's totally a possibility... right?

On another note (well not really) I totally geeked out Monday Night when I posted about the finale on Twitter because I got a response from "Lucifer" lol;
If you can't read the text tweets I linked here's the text : "Just watched Lucifer! OMG why does it have to be season finale... I need the next season Now!! " and got "@sylvanfre Patience, my darling. #Lucifer".

I don't know if you did, but I totally read that in Lucifer's voice! And although I know that Lucifer isn't actually a real person (seriously it's a TV show... but man is he hot) I found myself blushing, to myself, that he actually responded to my post... totally pathetic me!

Has anyone else had a reaction to a fictional character like that?? I seriously geeked out to the max... I'm still giggling like a school girl about the fact that he responded... gah!

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.