Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Zootopia: a Mom Review

So I thought I should do a little review of Zootopia being I've seen it over the weekend. I'll just start off with saying it was totally awesome! (I am attempting this spoiler free, so no worries). (image: Disney)

Okay so I went with my 5 year old to see Zootopia over the weekend. We were tempted to bring the littlest one (who's 2.5) but decided that she wasn't quite ready to sit through a whole movie just yet. Prior to watching it I checked some Mom Reviews online. I think these are a LOT better reviews than the one's you get elsewhere. Why? Well, for starters it gives you an idea if the movie is scary, funny or depressing before you even watch it. (Oh how I wish I read mom reviews for the Good Dinosaur before watching it... incase you haven't watched it my 5 year old cried through the whole movie, and I joined her for a lot of it... scary/sad was her review of it!).

So the Mom reviews I read were totally spot on and here's what I think. If your kid is over 4... (I say for on the scale of my kids like Avengers but don't really understand the plot... they are okay with most things not too jumpy, but still action)... then there are only a few points to be aware of. The concept of the film is about segregation and "DNA"... as in something is making people go Feral. So there are a 2 really high action chase scenes that my daughter was a little more worried over than any of the other scenes. These are on the same scale as the Tarzan vs Sabor... if you aren't sure what that one was like here's a clip:

So of course the music now is a lot more dramatic... and the graffics are more realistic so I'd say it could be a little more scary. But really that's the scary part. Other than that there are enough funny bits that make up for the rest of the not so funny bits that my daughter really enjoyed the movie. I think of my 5 year olds scale of 1 (Sesame Street) to 5 (Monster High)... it's about a 4 (Barbie Movies). (If you are following along the Good Dinosaur was a total 0 (Caillou)).

I give is 4 Mom smiles and a 5 of the geeky classic appreciation. I loved that it so resembled the characters from "Robin Hood" or "Bedknobs and Broomsticks"! Those were some of my favourite kid movies growing up... so I'm glad they didn't make it a total sad Disney flick. On a totally positive note (and this is ruins nothing)... no one dies. Mom and Dad live... there is no absolute heart wrenching moment that kills it for me. There is nothing I feel like I need to fast forward because it's way too much (like the beginning of Finding Nemo) for a little kid and seriously why do they do this to us. It was fun, happy, sad, angry, frustrated, silly, pretty much an all around awesome flick.

So what did you think??

Until next time.
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