Monday, March 7, 2016

Venom and Superhero Girls

So there's two things that I read this past weekend and I thought we should totally discuss it. Or at least I should tell you my own thoughts on them! (image: The Daily Buzz/Popsugar)

First off, a while ago we talked about the new Super Hero Girls. Well, I don't know if you've been watching the online shorts (I totally flaked and haven't been... then rediscovered and have been binge watching), if not you should totally check them out here. They are cute and I'm actually liking them... I kind of hope they go along the lines of Barbie life in the dreamhouse, and Ever After High, and have them put all on Netflix in time.

Anyway, the show so far as I've watched is fun and cute and all about girl power. I especially like the inclusion of some of our loved DC characters (like Beast Boy), even if they are mostly on the sidelines. What's great is that Mattel is now releasing a new line of toys based off of this show.

The sad news is that they are exclusive to Target (yes all you fellow Canadians, we will either have to get them from the states or HOPEFULLY someone in Canada will start selling them). Other than that they are awesome. They are ball jointed (like action figures) so they are fully poseable so you can kick and punch with them (or put them in cool backflipping sequences while fighting off G.I.Joe Armies.... but I would never do that *cough* yeah right *cough*). For someone who has never been a MAJOR DC fan I'm kind of in love with these dolls, I really hope Marvel takes a cue from these and makes their own girl squad version (I need a poseable Rogue! and Gambit!... because... Oh! and Storm... and so many others!!!!!!).

On other news. The Hollywood Report posted an article about Sony (with the reboot of Spider-Man in the MCU) is planning on creating a Venom Spinoff. If you want to read the article you can find it HERE. The jist is they want a spin off... which will be standalone series meant to launch it's own franchise. Okay... so I hope they do Venom right this time! It's not that I hated Topher Grace's Venome it's just that that wasn't Venom for me (Okay, I totally hated it!). Really with the success of Deadpool they should realize that Venom as the Anti-Hero/Hero could totally be an amazing storyline. I love Venom... I love his sarcasm and the way he interacts with Spiderman. I love that he's really (by DND standards) a true Chaotic Neutral. If he thinks it's benefit him, or even if it's just fun, he'll get involved. There are times where he teams up with the Hero's for a common cause then turns around a spits in their face as soon as the cause is done. I will reserve judgement about it until it comes to fruition... but know that I'm as concerned as to whether this will go well as I am with the whole Gambit movie.

So what do you think of the dolls? Venom?? Do you have high hopes or withering prospects??

Until next time.
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