Thursday, March 17, 2016

When you just want to read!

I have found it very hard to read a book lately. I have been going through a tough reading phase and it's just not seeming to go away and what sucks about this is that I have a TON of awesomely amazing books that I really want to read. (image: Books to Eat)

So the other day I tried my hardest to break this reading issue I've been having! I figured that my kids were napping, so instead of watching a show or doing something else I would sit down and start my book. I just finished reading the little blurb thanking their mom or brother or second cousin twice removed and started on the first chapter of the book, when I heard the first kid cough... I stop and wait a few seconds and see if it continues... they settle back to sleep but now I can't remember where I was in the paragraph so I start again.

I am 2 sentences past the point I was when my dog (I have 2 and one's a puppy) starts scratching at the back door. I let the dogs outside to do their business and figure they'll be a little bit, being it's a beautiful day out! I sit down... re-read the 2 sentences I was at (once I found my spot again) in order to get back into the book and I hear a *BANG*... it's my dog jumping at the back door to be let in.

Yes the puppy hasn't quite figured out that she could just bark or scratch at the door... Nooooooooooo... she's a black lab and needs to run up the patio at full force and throw her whole body at the thin wooden door.

So I stop... put the book down and go let the crazy puppy and old man dog into the house. Once they are inside they want water, which is fine, and then I figure I'm good. I settle back onto the couch and start re-reading those 2 sentences again.

At this point I hear a cough again... but this one is followed by a cry. I put the book down and head upstairs to check on the littlest who managed to stuff her bottle, soother and 2 toy dogs underneath her so she's not comfortable. I removed the pile of stuff and get her settled down again.

I sit down on the couch and pick up my book. I re-read the 2 sentences and start on the third... I stop waiting to see if anything will interrupt me... I'm good! Yay! Win for MOM!

I read 2 more sentences when I hear something...


The oldest is up... the dog banging against the door then her sister crying has woken up the light sleeper (but seriously I'm lucky that a 5 year old actually wants naps at times).

She comes down, so the dogs figure I should be playing now that kids are around again and start barking at each other.

The TV goes on and the kid gets juice... I look longingly at the book... 4 sentences in 1 hour, not bad I guess.

I think... wait she's watching her show, I can read my book until the little one wakes up! I can immerse myself even with a kid awake... I'm a strong, capable Mom!! I can do this... I give myself permission to not watch Monster High: Freaky Fusion for the 10th time this month. So I settle down...

Pick up my book...

Re-read the last 4 sentences to get back into the book (because that's just how I am)....


The puppy has picked up her full bowl of water and dumped it on my legs. Luckly the book was mostly spared but my pants weren't.

I get up.... and hear a kid crying "Mommy".... I look longingly at my book.

Maybe Tomorrow.

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.