Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Things I Don't Need But Want!

Today I decided (partially being it's midweek and I am mostly insane being the kids are home for March Break) to do a post of all (well, not all... some) of the cool things I see and want and there is no way I could ever get them... or really I would need a second house to put them all into! (image: sprite)

To start off I want the socks that are at the top! I really don't need submersible knee high socks but seriously they are awesome. These sock, by Sprite, are currently only available in Japan (are we surprised at all?) but will probably end up making their way to North America in time. The one that I love the most are the big drill bits... oh the costumes I could come up with using drill legs are just awesome (and weird but who's judgeing).

See!! Here's a closeup from the Fashionably Geek site... they are amazing!! And totally something I don't actually need but really want.

Next on the list of wants, don't needs, and can't haves is the beautiful Snow White Evil Queen Huntsman engagement ring.
If it wasn't clear before I love everything Snow White (well, other than her voice... seriously!) and this is no different. This Beautiful ring is made by All Things Geeky Chic and was featured on Fashionably Geeky recently! What a statement piece for sure!

A full size Lego Batsignal...
Okay so this isn't a product that's actually for sale. Instead it was something displayed in Times Square... but I want one! I would put it at the top of my house and when my kids started to drive me crazy like the Joker I would put it up so that Batman could come and rescue me.... Oh it doesn't work that way? Well, fine!

Something I could buy, but probably won't purely for practical reasons are these adorable Star Wars and Disney Tin Scoop Purses.

They are so cute I just want them all... but really how do I hold a wallet, 2 diapers, some wipes, a granola bar and juice in that?? LOL! They need to make cute adorable purses that are useful for mom's but still geeky fashionable.

So until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.