Friday, March 18, 2016

Playing Card Journal: Week 11

For this week's card I decided to go back to my roots of word collage art. I started doing a lot of collage art while in university (for an art degree... go figure), when I was trying to find inspiration for photo's or photo series I was trying to create.

The way I do this is I take a whole bunch of magazines. It doesn't matter what they are as long as you are okay with cutting them up (there are some that I own that would never see scissors). So for me it's old wedding magazines, fashion magazines and sometimes movie magazines. Once I have a few, which is usually 2 to 6 (or more... you can never have too much), I then take my time skimming through the pages.

I will litterally rip out, cut out or whatever anything that might catch my eye. If there's a word that's interesting I cut it out. If there's a picture that I like, I cut it out. If there is anything, even a colour on a page, that my eye is drawn too or I have some sort of reaction too I tend to cut it out. I do this until I feel like I have enough stuff. Sometimes I get a whole bunch of stuff from one source, sometimes it takes a whole bunch of sources for one thing. Keep the magazines because you never know, there has been times I was like "I'm good, got all I need out of this one" then 4 years later the perfect saying was in it. I just wasn't at the point that my eye was drawn too it. (Yes, my husband thinks I'm crazy that I have 2 shelves in my office filed with old magazines)

So this week I didn't pick a theme before creating... I was originally thinking something to do with kids and march break, but that didn't happen. Instead I was drawn to the idea of Inspiration and living uniquely me...

So what do you think?? (I'm sorry some of the glue wasn't quite dry yet)

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.