Tuesday, March 22, 2016

What to Cosplay?? (Seriously the never ending question)

That time of year is coming around fast and I realized that I have NOTHING on my cosplay list started... heck I haven't even created the list yet (EEEEEEEEEEEEE). I know I can whip some easy stuff up but the fact of the matter is I want something AWESOME!!! Sigh.

So like all cosplayer's (even those of us who have pipe dreams of being cosplayer's but haven't managed to attend much yet) I am pulling out a big list of characters I love and trying to figure out what is the best options, what is actually achievable (because seriously I have no time for armour and such) and how wearable can it be. The nice thing is I am hoping to have dual purposes for a lot of my costumes now (Yay Drag!) so it's not just con-able... it's fun if I can have something that I may be able to use the pieces for another costume or design. Just like I took the skirt from my Snow White Costume and altered it slightly (nothing none repairable) to the doll for the Drag costume.

There are always a few major things that come into play when I'm planning on a Cosplay (Other than the three obvious ones above). They include:

1) Do I know the Character at least a little?: I'm not really worried if I'm an expert on a character but I at least want to know what the character's about, who they are, and in what world they exist. I see nothing wrong with not knowing a lot or watching/reading all the things, but you may be dressing up as someone's favourite character and you want to be able to join in the excitement if they come up to you. Also there's nothing worst than if someone's dressed up as a supporting character in the show and you don't even know. 

2) Can I move in the Character?: Nothing worst than wearing something that you need a pack of sherpa's with you just to go pee. (For me, not peeing a whole day at a con is not an option) I have seen some wonderful Cosplay's where the people didn't eat or drink in the costume due to the shear amount of time it would take to get in and get out... to me that's dedication, one that I just don't think I could do. So I need to be able to get in and out of it without an hour of work. If you do have a costume that requires an army just to go pee, make sure you have pre-arranged with someone to come and be a dedicated Sherpa. Then no one has any hard feelings hauling your arse around a con for the day.

3) Do I need a wig?: I admit, I tend to just dye and style my own hair rather than wear a wig. I'm just not that good with them. This is something (with doing drag) that I am planning on working on... so any tips are welcome.

4) Crossplay or Variations: I love the idea of Crossplay and variations to a character. I see nothing wrong with taking a loved character and turning them evil (Like my Snow White, that I admit I'm still working on to perfect). I really want to do a variation on Rogue from X-men (which would require a *shudder* wig) but I haven't found one I love, or thought of a cool idea yet. I also love being the boy... There's something awesome about so many male rolls that I want to do female versions of them all, and NO a female version doesn't need a skirt, I love pants so there!

5) What will I use to carry my stuff in?: If you are at a Convention there are things you need on you... Money, Phone, Wallet, ID, Snacks and Drinks... you really don't want to have to have someone else always following you everywhere (for some costumes you do need a dedicated Sherpa but that should be prearranged as stated above). So the trick is to figure out a bag, satchel, open space within a weapon, you name it, where you can store all your stuff for when you need it. I've seen some really imaginative storage solutions so make sure it's something you design in the beginning 'cause there's nothing worst that waiting till the last minute to try and make a bag of some sort.

I'm sure I'm missing some key's for making a decision. What are your top 5 major decision things that come into play when choosing your Cosplay?

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.