Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Cosplay... a List of Possibilities!

Yesterday I talked about the decision making that I'm going through picking some Cosplay's to start sewing. Today I'm going to post some of the top characters that I've been wanting to Cosplay and are high on my list to make (one of these years).

So every cosplayer has this imaginary list that everytime they watch a show or movie, or read a comic or manga, say... I WANT TO BE THEM! I know you do, so don't bother lying to me!

ihd Wallpapers
One of the TOP characters that I want to Crossplay (as in take a boy character and turn it into a girl) is Harlock the Space Pirate! He is honestly just an amazing character and the costume is to die for. Key points (other than character) are: 1) He has dark hair so I don't need to do anything to mine, just design it so it's cool.  2) The costume would look just as awesome on a girl as a guy so I don't need to adjust too much. 3) The cape! Seriously!!! The CAPE!


Another Crossplay is Death the Kid. I love Soul Eater and wish there was so much more of it... if there is please let me know! There are a few characters from it that I would love to Cosplay (heck, I could go a whole con as just Soul Eater characters) but my favourite is Death the Kid. Key Points: 1) Dark hair again!!! Okay the white stripes would need to be added but I'm sure I can figure out paint or something to do it. 2) I want to own a suit and what would be better than Death the Kid's suit! 3) He's black and white! My favourite colour combination! It couldn't get any better than that.

Okay, so there are female characters I like as well (other than my evil Disney princesses) so I probably should include some of them....

Okay so I'm not the biggest DC fan but I do love the newest itteration of Batgirl. Her costume is fun and totally practicle (and seriously who doesn't want yellow Doc Martin's). I love that it's something I could totally whip up and not totally stress about, and seriously I would wear the hoody over and over again! Key Points: 1) I would wear every part of this as day wear!! That is all!

I love Hope Pym and she is totally one of my favourite characters in the MCU so far!! I really really really want to make the actually Wasp suite based off of this picture!!! Okay so this isn't something I will probably do this year because of time, money and the lack of material know how... but COME ON!! I need this costume. I would wear it every day... at a con... no really... I'd totally take my kid to school in it even if it meant getting it.

Okay, this one may seem strange but I want to do a version of Spike the frost fairy from Tinkerbell. What this would mean is I need someone to be either another Frost Fairy or Tinkerbell herself. It's totally something to do in a group cosplay! Key Points: 1) This is totally wearable (although I may add sleaves or straps 'cause I'm not good with strapless). 2) I love her boots and want to make some like that. 3) Again NO WIG!! LOL

What are the one's on your list? Did you add any after mine or am I missing something that should totally be done and I just didn't think of it?

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.