Monday, March 21, 2016

Springing All The Things!!! (And a GIVEAWAY!! BOOYAH)

It's officially Spring... jump up, get down... grow something. So this weekend (of course) I ended up with a sick kid on Sunday (It seems like I always have at least one with something) but that didn't stop us from getting into the Spring mood. (image: clip art panda)

This weekend consisted of cleaning... cleaning... and .... cleaning. I felt like I cleaned every room at least twice and it's still not done. Mind you other things happened. I actually managed to re-plant my 3 little window plants into larger containers, and am quite proud of myself for that. I also put away about 7 loads of laundry that I was pretending didn't exist in my basement. I also got a lovely bouquet of flowers from my husband and kids because I've been riding the stress train for the past month it feels like.

So with spring coming I think a attitude and blog re-check was in order. Honestly for the blog I'm really enjoying what I've been writing and having a great time with you guys reading it! I admit I'm always surprised at how many of you actually read and am grateful to any gods that may be for the ability to write and have readers. So many people write with no one reading!

For the Attitude recheck a grounding has been necessary. I have some lovely pagany friends who get together once a season or so and I was able to participate this month. (I admit I am not the most religious of people... I am the bad kid at the back of the church giggling when the priest says rectory) Although I don't follow anything specific sometimes getting grounded into yourself is not a bad thing. I have felt a little out of sorts the past few months and I think my body was totally craving that.

In order to create a new attitude in my house I cleaned (as stated above) and am planning on painting some of the areas that need it. I admit my house needs a lot (that's what you get when you buy a 40 year old house where the owners were the original ones) but we have to do what we can with what we have... so here are a few things I've been thinking of doing to my house.


I want a Spring Wreath. I don't know I haven't ever had one before. My mom made me my first Christmas wreath (it has Jack Skellington on it) for Christmas this year, but being I don't have the funds to replace my front door (I really want a blue door) I may paint it. For now a wreath would at least bring it some life. I love the one above... It's so fresh and colourful... but I found one that I may have to try and make cause it's just a little quirky and that's so me!

Isn't it so cute!!! I want an Umbrella full of Tulips. I love Tulips, they are one of my favourite flowers (right up there with Day Lilies) and they come in so many wonderfully vibrant shades. I think I need a polka dot umbrella for them though. It would be adorable (as long as my kids don't try and steal it).

Last year was a pretty fail on my garden. We have been using a small plot that they previous owners had put against my cute wooden shed at the back of the lot. The issue... it's really small, the ground is not deep (due to attempts to keep out the weeds), the squirrels and rabbits and neighborhood cats keep eating my things before they get too big, the sun doesn't get there very much being the trees foliage is pretty impressive. So I need some sort of planters. I need to create something that's a little of the ground (I know the squirrels will still try) and then protect them somehow. I haven't totally figured out what I'm doing but I will let you know when I do!

Aren't they pretty teas?? Pic by Lindz from Novel Tea

Okay so for Spring I'm doing a giveaway... I was given 3 amazing teas from the lovely people at Novel Tea Club to give to you lovely folks. What that means is I am giving away 3 prizes of one type of tea each. I am also planning on including a small art card that I'm make myself... so you get something from me too! (If you have been following my Friday art card journals you'll get an idea of what you could receive) Being I'm running this for 2 weeks I am going to try Rafflecopter this time (I'll let you know how I like it). On it are a bunch of ways to enter... none are mandatory other than a contact info so I can let you know you won, but I'd love to hear from you for any of the entry modes. So here goes click on the link below contest runs until April 1st:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Squee this is so exciting!!!

Until next time,
Keep on, Geekin' on