Monday, March 14, 2016

Weekend Review

It's Monday! Yaaaaaaaaaa.... eah LOL! Today starts the first day for March Break for my kids and I can't tell if I'm excited or already stressed out just thinking about having them home all week. I guess this is a test run for the Summer. (image: relatably)

This past weekend was an eventful one for sure. We went to the amazing Disney On Ice... seriously! For my first time ever to Disney on Ice it was definitely an experience, and all I could think of was how great they were at skating and how performers like this are totally Drag Queens in disguise. Think about it... they dress up... the mimic other performers... they lip sync... they wear a ton of makeup! I say they are Ice Queens LOL!!!
I love how this picture I took of the finale looks like we are watching Mystery Science Theater 3000. Damn, now all I can think about is how funny it would be to watch Disney on Ice with the crew of MST3000... just to hear the commentary!

I'm very excited for Thursday because we are going again and this time I'm taking the whole family. I actually won tickets from the Radio and am able to bring my youngest daughter this time. I think it's going to be an absolute blast.

Aside from Thursday evening I'm at a bit of a loss for what to do with my girls. I don't want to just stay home all week (they are now calling for rain so the picnic at the park I was hoping to do may be moot), but seriously everything is expensive!

On a completely seperate note I'm starting to gear up for Toronto Comic Con on Sunday... and not like I usually gear up for. This will be the first time we are taking both the girls to a convention... so it's a little nerve wracking. Instead of going the whole weekend (like we have done before) we are planning on just going on Sunday! This way the crowd should be easing down and we should be able to get in a little easier. Also Sunday tends to be a lot more relaxed, the people that have been there the past two days are starting to call it quits and go home. If I take pics I'll definitely share!!

So what's your plans for the week (Other than work)??

Until next time.
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