Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A Hot Topic Explosion

The other day I went to a Hot Topic in Kitchener Ontario (yes, I'm so excited that I have one local now) and OMG I could have bought the whole store. So instead I decided to share with you all the fun stuff I spied while there!

At one time I used to actually go out to the bar and dance and dress all gothy and stuff. Well, two kids, two dogs and a house later I don't tend to go out too much, but with this new venture I actually have a reason to get dressed up at times! So when I look at things at Hot Topic now I totally want so many things for costumes.
This outfit was at the store and I totally want it! I know what song I'd do and everything... now just to have some sort of money to pay for the outfit. Ahh well, until my funding increases I am just going to have to admire it from afar.
At the store I also found this beautiful Ariel bag. I really wish it was a Snow White because I may have bought it (I totally need a new purse for summer) but I've never been a big Ariel fan.

There was also a huge collection of Pop! Funko products I need for all my shelves in my house. Throughout the whole store there wasn't a section where I didn't say I totally wanted something. Heck just check out how awesome their site is (At the moment there's a sale!!).

So what did I buy? A pair of tights and a key chain for my husband! Maybe next time I'll spend more money!

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.