Thursday, March 24, 2016

Makeup: Fun Eye's

Okay so it's official... I have a performance at the end of April on the 30th! That being said I've been slowly collecting a number of different makeup stuff (and no it's not anything expensive, seriously, I have kids) so that I can up my image. That being said I decided to post some of the cool eye looks I found on Pinterest so you can oogle them with me.
I have been wearing makeup for ever it feels like, just like most women, but I have to say no one can wear makeup like a Drag Queen. These women look fiercely amazing and it's totally to die for. So my simple pallet of grey's, browns and the odd highlight eye shadow needed to be increased (I actually bought ... dun dun dun... COLOURS... I know! I was surprised too!). I couldn't just have my simple liner and shadow combo when I go out... I need contours, and primers, highlights and lowlights... I need to create a masterpiece on my face that doesn't end up making me look like a clown (well not a typical clown at least) and this isn't an easy feat!

So what have I been doing?? Watching a TON of YouTube videos.... one's about covering eyebrows up... one's about contouring and highlighting the face... and ones about drawing on eyebrows (seriously, this is tough shit)... and most of all I've been living on Pinterest oogling all the beautiful eyemakeup that I know I could do on someone else but am not that confident to put on myself.

One of the Youtube channels I've been watching is Joseph Harwood's stuff (he's absolutely gorgeous and an amazing makeup artist). What's amazing is he shows you EVERYTHING from the ground up. My only issue... I can't afford the fancy products he uses... so instead I find cheeper versions at my local drugstore and have been using them in combinations to try things out.

For eye's I have my own ideas. I love Drag makeup but as expected there's something different from doing a biologically male's face to adjusting a biologically female's face... also I have this strange thing that if I'm makeing something "fake" (eyebrows, lashes) then I want to go over the top and make it obvious but still pretty... so here are some examples (sit back for a bunch of images)!

I love the pop art look... there's something so fun about them. I don't know if I'd go as far at the tears and stuff but this is definitely a great use of colours and bold lines

I LOVE this look... I love the eye's I love that her eyebrows look mostly natural (I can adjust it)... there's just something amazing about this. I feel like it's a combination between a doll and a bird or something. I think the big drawing points for me are the bottom lashes and the harsh black liner.

Okay, I know I said no Clown makeup but I LOVE these vintage circus makeup looks. The one on the left is my absolute favourite and I'm going to see if I can cover my eyebrows to try a varient of this look.

So what do you think?? I think there's a bit of a theme happening (If you check out my Pinterest page for Makeup you'll see if even clearer) and now I actually have to sit down with all my makeup and give it a try!

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