Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Valentine's... or stuff!

So Valentine's is just around the corner and I'll be honest with you, I'm not the biggest follower of it as a holiday. However, I do love a good piece of work that focuses on hearts or relationships so I thought instead of focusing on things that you can get someone, we can focus on other stuff. (Stay Tuned... the Winner of my giveaway is announced at the bottom of this post!) (image: mach5network)
I found this amazing little comic through a shared feed on Facebook... and it's adorable. Also it kind of makes me cry... but you can't help that!
I'm only posting the first image (mainly because it would take up my whole post) but it is done by an artist called Miyuli who you can find on Tumbler . You should totally go to her Tumbler... add her, share her... either way read the whole comic. It is very well done!

Source: The Mary Sue
If you haven't heard (talking about love and romance and all that jaz) Jughead is now Canon to be Asexual. For me this totally makes sense. I have friends who are Asexual and Jughead has always reminded me of them... so I believe this was just a natural step for the character. In all honest I am just so pleased with where the new Archie comics are going that I may just have to start buying them... I gave up on Archie years ago (mainly when I read one where he was basically playing both Betty and Veronica and for some reason the girls fought eachother instead of knocking him flat on his A$$!), so I am interested in seeing where the series may go in a newer version.

Okay so this isn't hearts or love or anything but I thought they were way too cool not to talk about. I found these on Nerd Approved and they are by an Alexandra Kehayoglou. These are the coolest carpets in the world. They look like different sort of outdoor spaces and I think would be amazing in a kids room or den space... heck they'd look cool in a library if you went with a tree theme! You should check them all out and drool with me.

So it's time for my winner announcement.... drum roll..... the winner of my giveaway of a Novel Tea Club subscription box is.... Bree Reichert!!! (I have sent you a message if you didn't recieve it please contact me!!)

So to all.....

Until next time!
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